About BMTC

BMTC provides training and consultancy solutions to Corporate Sector, Banks and Government Institutions. We specialize in identifying competency gaps and training needs as starting point for conducting training sessions for the staff of banks and corporate sector. This being the mainstay of BMTC activities, our training programs are customized as per specific needs of the client companies. We have, however, prepared good number of courses on banking and management topics which are considered ever-relevant for the growth and development of the staff at large.

Our training stream, therefore, branches out in two areas. First, those ever-green topics which are useful for a large number of banks, companies and their staff. These courses are announced and offered as per our training calendar evenly spread on quarterly basis. Here all banks and corporate entities can nominate their staff paying per head training charges.

The second branch caters to bridge the pre-identified competency gaps in an organization. Courses are developed based on the specific needs of the company in question and then these customized courses are offered to a larger number of staff of that particular bank or company thus economizing on training costs.